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Dowling Design is committed to providing a competent and professional architectural design service to its clients.


We specialise in designing new homes of all sizes from baches to mansions and offer creative and practical design solutions at a reasonable price.


Dowling Design was formed by Mark Dowling in 1986. Mark has a New Zealand Certificate in Architectural Draughting (NZCD arch).


The office is based in Auckland but designs homes nationwide. Recent projects outside Auckland include homes in Tauranga, Coromandel Peninsula, Nelson & Christchurch.


A well designed home should not just meet your expectations, it should exceed them.


A home should be practical to live in. Rooms must relate well to each other. Who wants to look into a toilet when they enter the house, nobody wants to see unmade beds in the bedroom when they are sitting in the lounge. A well-designed house will address these issues and provide you with the best solution for your lifestyle.


The best place to spend your time and money when building a house is at the design stage. Don’t cut corners. Don’t rush. Think about what you want. Whether you intend to live there for 2 years or 20 years the important thing is that you get a house that works well for you and will keep working well for years to come. It can cost just as much money to build a poorly designed house as it can to build a good one – if it is worth doing, it is worth doing right.


We believe that people should have a house designed specifically for their needs. Why use a house plan that was designed for somebody else. Every site is different and people have different lifestyles. You should have a house that you can truly call “Your Own”.


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